Technical Surveys

Technical site surveys are the preliminary process of acquiring information through physical inspection of sites. Technical site surveys include the end to end site information.

Power Implementation

These are dedicated to Power source installation on sites. The power sources could be AC or DC in nature. Battery banks cater power related issue on site.

Wireless Implementation

Wireless Implementations are need of the hour to cater fast rollouts and congestion issue. This solution ensures Network coverage at our door steps.

Equipment Swap

(Power Swap, Wireless Swap, Transmission Swap)

Older equipment versions are replaced by newer, faster,updated,stable equipment versions through Swap activities.

Microwave & Transmission

Microwave Transmission referred to transmission of information through electromagnetic waves in specified spectrums, bands and sub-bands.

Fixed Network deployment

These Solutions provide Gateways to our media services. Fixed Networks such as RNC are deployed on MSC.

IBS surveys & deployment

Indoor Buildings Solutions provide fast rollouts.These Solutions are dedicated to provide coverage inside Buildings, Basements, and Tunnels etc. These solutions reduce Capex and Opex cost.

OMC Services

These solutions provide live alarms monitoring of our deployed equipments.These solutions provide remote access to our onsite deployed equipment.

BSC commissioning & Integration

BSC’s interlinks on-site BTS and MSC. BSC provides switching to our calls, to and from MSC.